Hyperrealist paintings by Mike Bayne

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Shimabuku, Sea and Flowers, 2013

"Here we find Shimabuku wondering about where the flower came from, and how it got there, and deciding to illustrate its voyage by offering the sea petals without knowing if, someday, they will make a landfall somewhere. As we are well aware, though, it is not really the arrival that counts."

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Beyonce saved and ended my life all at once 


MLK is so proud to see all these wiggers looking up to the #1 nigga

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The Grasshoppe (detail), Jules-Joseph Lefebvre

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ootd/photo of my living room

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"Le Romantisme Fait Mouche", ELLE France, July 1993
Photographer: Christophe Gstalder
Model: Debbie Deitering

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